Saratoga Springs

If you are just getting to our website now after realizing the Living Social discount ended on Tuesday morning we are sorry you couldn’t buy your ticket sooner or just realizing now that you could have gotten them for $15. But what a great event that we have in store today!

Saratoga Springs has so much history behind it, we couldn’t have picked a better location to have such a fun, cultured event. The Sip Event is basically how it sounds. You get a chance to try samples “SIP” of cocktails, wines, and craft beer from over 20 different restaurants. It is always fun to get out of the house and try new things, and see over 20 different venues.

This event is all about the community and supporting a great cause while having a great time. We have two amazing charities attached to this event – Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation and United Way. We donate in the form of a partnership fee to each entity.

On top of all that, The Sip Event has negotiated a voucher program with the merchants participating in downtown Saratoga Springs. Every guest receives a $5 dollar voucher that can be used the night of the event or at any time until June 15th, 2015. It can be used on Food and Merchandise, BUT NOT alcohol(per state laws.) What The Sip Event does is it reimburses 50% of each voucher used by restaurants. Our Mantra is “Socialize. Network. Give Back.” We intend to provide that experience to everyone tonight!

When we tell you this is about the community…well this is definitely about the community. There are no CEO’s collecting hefty fees, or managers making tons of money. We strictly believe in investing back into the event, the community, and the guests who attend.

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