Q. If I paid $25 for my ticket, did I pay too much?
A. Yes, we sell tickets for $12.50 in advance directly to our customers and $15 through Living Social up until 96 hours out from the event. The experience is still worth it, but we suggest you subscribe via our website or FB page.

Q. If I purchased a ticket on Living Social, do I need to bring my voucher?
A. Yes, you are required to have either a printed version or you can pull it up on your smart phone. We redeem each ticket purchase with the last 4 digits of your Living Social voucher.

Q. Can I give a friend my voucher?
A. Yes, but once it is redeemed yours is no longer valid and can’t be used under any circumstances.

Q. Are my tickets mailed to me?
A. No, ticket confirmations are sent via email. Please bring your receipt with you to the event.

Q. Is this a food tasting event?
A. No, this is a cocktail, craft beer, wine, other delicious beverages event; however, there are usually a couple vendors offering small appetizers.

Q. What is my $5 voucher and what does it get me?
A. $5 vouchers can be used at the specified merchant locations depicted in your event brochure for Food and Merchandise ONLY.

Q. How does this “Give Back” to the community?
A. We pay half of each voucher to each restaurant involved. 1,000 people with $5 vouchers = $2,500 invested back into the community.

Q. Do you give to any not for profits?
A. Yes, all the time. Our events usually have upwards of 750-1000 attendees. We partner with a local charity and give them a flat fee of $500 or $1,000 depending on attendance rate.

Q. Is a ticket and wristband required for the event?
A. Yes, you can’t participate without BOTH.

Q. Where do I pick up my wristband & brochure?
A. At our registration table. We usually open it up 4-5 hours early so you can stop and pick them up early to save time in line.

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